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Don't Need Time (Remix) by Hotboii Feat. Lil Baby


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Don't Need Time (Remix) by Hotboii Feat. Lil Baby,

Lil Baby Don't Need Time (Remix)

Hotboii calls on Lil Baby for the "Don't Need Time" remix.

Hotboii's "Don't Need Time" has been heating up in the streets for a minute. The single appeared on Hotboii's latest project, Kut Da Fan On that dropped earlier this year.

As the song's picked up major steam, he's enlisted Lil Baby for the remix. The original song found Hotboii delivering a somber banger reflecting on the violence in the streets and the harsh realities that come with that lifestyle.

Baby snaps on his verse with fluidity as he delivers some sobering revelations from suicidal thoughts and substance abuse to the impact Marlo's death had on him.

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