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Duckwrth's SuperGood Album,

Duckwrth's drops off a new album titled "SuperGood" Album, enjoy the full album below....

Duckwrth has officially come through this year with a bunch of new jams to keep us dancing, offering even more personality than before. The album features the likes of EARTHGANG, Jean Deaux, Kyle Dion, and more.

With a few skits and wonderful transitions between songs, Duckwrth clearly knew what he was doing with this one. He remains one of the most underrated artists in hip-hop.

Check out the brand new offering and let us know if you're rocking with it.


1. New Love Song
2. Money Dance (feat. Jean Deaux)
3. Trickin'?
4. Quick (feat. KIAN)
5. Too Bad
6. Kiss U Right Now
7. Coming Closer (feat. Julia Romano & G.L.A.M.)
8. Say What U Mean
9. Did U Notice? (feat. Julia Romano)
10. Jean's Smoke Break
11. Super Bounce (feat. EARTHGANG)
12. Weekend?
13. Tuesday
14. World On Wheels (feat. Kyle Dion)
15. Super Good
16. Find A Way (feat. Alex Mali, Radio Ahlee, & BAYLI)

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