Album Elcamino - Walk By Faith (Album)

DOwnload Elcamino - Walk By Faith (Album),

Elcamino says his new album "Walk By Faith" is his own "Illmatic".​

According to Elcamino, now that his new album Walk By Faith is out, he's only a step away from going platinum.

The Griselda affiliate does not lack confidence, predicting tons of success for himself on the opening track to the album, which was released several days ago.


As you can expect with any Griselda project, Walk By Faith is filled with old-school flavor, from the beat selection to Elcamino's flows and lyricism. He refers to this project as his own version of Illmatic, calling it a classic and hyping himself up.

The album was executive produced by Elcamino himself, with exclusive production from Buffalo's Camouflage Monk.

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"This is my baby," says El about the album.

Listen to it below and let us know what you think.


1. Loyalty Is A Must
2. War Time
3. Channel 7 (Skit)
4. A Dope Day
5. On Fire
6. Valentino Quarantine
7. Rules To This Game
8. Run The Block
9. Same People
10. Anti Gun Violence (Skit)
11. Darkest Day
12. II Corinthians V-VII
13. Pricele$$
14. Propelify
15. Outro

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