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Hi Everyone ;)
Welcome to Paddicity Family

This forum's primary purpose is to create platform where Everyone will get some digital stuff easily, provide solution to some problem (especially for webmasters), provide Entertainment that will eliminate boringness,
you can download various kinds of Musics, scripts, forum software, themes, plugins, and lots more. You can also discuss related issues or solve other's concerns on particular topics.
So, if you have not registered yet, then register now and be the part of the family. ☕


  • Write only in English; thread structure should look good with appropriate picture (if require), description, and other necessary information. Don't make it look like as if is been written by a kid .

  • Don't Misbehave with any one of the community members/moderator stuff in the wrong manner, never take any abusive/insulting words; keep it clean.

  • Don't use any abusive/insulting words! if cautch you will be banned imediatly
  • Do not create more then one account, if you do ALL of your accounts will be banned. We only allow ONE account per user., PER HOUSEHOLD!
  • Do not share our resources on other websites, when your caught doing this your account will be banned for ever.
  • If you have something we do not, please share it with our forums.
  • All members must keep a valid working email address on their account.
  • Any member that does not have a valid email address, will be banned. - Do NOT use disposable email addresses
  • Please remember sharing is caring.,
  • Do not post links of any kind (Else approved ones by Admin) spaming, advertising, linking out of paddicity, if caught you will be banned immediately.. (used only, mega for all your resources download)


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