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Album Lady Gaga – Chromatica (ZIP) 320


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Lady Gaga _ Chromatica _ZIP_ 320.jpg

Lady Gaga Chromatica Album zip,

Even in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic that sharks the whole world Lady Gaga’s still push hard to deliver an album called “Chromatica“,

Chromatica Will Serve As Gaga’s Return to Pop

In the almost seven years since Gaga released her third studio album, Artpop, she has intentionally taken a few left turns.

Between her album of jazz standards with Tony Bennett, her folk-rock turn on Joanne and her Oscar-nominated acting in A Star Is Born, the superstar strayed from mainstream pop for a considerable portion of her career.

But with the release of her lead Chromatica single “Stupid Love,” Gaga made one thing clear: She’s returning to pop music.

The song’s driving beat and synth-heavy production showed the artist embracing the dance-pop sound that made her a star in the first place, signaling to fans that Chromatica would take a similar sonic trajectory.

Download Lady Gaga Chromatica Album zip below:

Download Full Album ZIP

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