Quando Rondo - Diary of a Lost Child (Album) zip


Quando Rondo - Diary of a Lost Child album

Download: quando rondo - shooters & movers (audio) mp3

Quando Rondo has finally brought out the long awaited album called "Diary of a Lost Child",

Enjoy the full album below...

Track Listing;

  1. All These Problems
    2. Shooters and Movers
    3. Way Up
    4. Pain & Process
    5. Don’t Pray For Me
    6. Pain Inside Of Me
    7. Downfall
    8. Soldier
    9. Materialistic Pain
    10. Lullaby
    11. Flawless
    12. In My Feelings
    13. Depression
    14. Time For
    15. Beneficial Love
    16. Dear Diary

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