Wiz Dido - End Police brutalilty (mp3 download)


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Download Wiz Dido - End Police brutalilty,

WizDido is one of the new wave Nigerian indigenous rap singer known for his melodious sounds " the young vibrant music icon is from delta state Ogume kwale " whose music has been on bill board charts in Nigeria.

on his recent songs
Sandra, FeverCover, GhettoPraise, AmSorry. AfricanBeyonce, Money etc Dido is set for an exclusive radio interviews with Lassu FM radio Lagos on Friday 6th November 2020 on premiering the new awaiting song titled EndPoliceBruterlity as this is his second visit on the darling station".

looking forward for more interviews with wazobia FM Lagos , kiss FM Lagos , max FM Lagos etc as this our anticipated jam is being among the top 10 9ja latest song "on lassu fm radio lagos this weekend Friday.

Also among the afrobeat best songs of the year groove in various radio stations in Lagos state Nigeria (Africa at large ) Dido has been giving his ever loving fans endless unique vibes as his known for just doing good music.

WizDido stated " also saying Even though you and I were not there due to schedules in our various locations right at the time of the incident "people were there!" This is an unforgettable date in our memories #20102020 where our ambitious youths were gun down for the sake of #peace and #harmony this new song titled #EndPoliceBruterlity is dedicated to the souls departed and we, the living citizens of Nigeria world wide, also to the feature leaders unborn. This ever-green youth anthem song is now available for streaming/downloads click here to update your playlist I bet u we thank me after streaming / downloading IG @wizdido twitter @kongawiz fb @didokwalekonga

Download Wiz Dido - End Police brutalilty mp3


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